Named and branded by Fook Communications, Ground is a CBD and wellness brand representing a fresh take on companies in this space. With this project, Fook saw an opportunity to cut through the repetitive nature of the current CBD/wellness landscape. They felt the industry could be a little same-y, and they wanted to make the most of the opportunity to differentiate and stand out.

Creatives aimed for an identity and a voice that spoke clearly and honestly, steering clear of some of the slightly elevated tones and language you can find in this space. In particular, with the CBD side, they wanted to deliberately run against the previously clandestine nature of cannabis instead of bringing energy and approachability.
So, they crafted an identity that felt accessible, that people could engage with, and that feel understandable, a key characteristic for anything in health and wellness. They used visuals and language that were transparent, bold, and direct in speaking about CBD and Ground products.

It started with a logo that is simple typesetting of the name, using the Untitled Sans typeface. Being a brand that wants to communicate the simplicity of its ingredients and talk openly about how they make its products. It made sense not to hide the name behind anything, communicating transparently.
As an all-natural wellness product brand, ‘ground’ speaks to where the ingredients come from, giving non-cheesy and humble connotations to nature. With a key focus on self-care and self-rejuvenation, it also references ‘grounding’ yourself. And of course, there’s a nod and a wink to the grinding of cannabis.
With sustainability being a crucial promise of the brand and focusing on natural ingredients, the primary color goes with the name – brown. Not only does this color speak to the natural sourcing of Ground products, but it also allows for the production of packaging and other materials in the most sustainable ways possible, fulfilling the brand promise at every level.
Other than in the name and logo, the typeface was chosen for its plain and straightforward expression and is used throughout the entire branding and marketing. Its clarity helps to disarm the stigma surrounding cannabis products. Its flexibility allows Ground to express a range of tones.

Through the combination of color, type, design, and language, Fook has created a refreshing brand identity that, while simple, has depth, character, and authenticity. It has a clean and calm imprint but is also strong and confident, making it feel more accessible than much of its industry.


Credits: Fook Communications

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