Heba Shaikh

Nowadays, fashion has brought tons of vintage trends. And it’s been a long time since we showcased a fashion brand’s identity. On this occasion, we’re presenting Heba Shaikh, a new clothing brand based in London. Thanks to Antonio Calvino’s creativity, this brand brings a super modern visual identity and great new features for this design.

High-quality and modernity are some qualities for this firm. The whole concept developed from the movement, enhanced by a varied color palette that aims to break the communicative rules of traditional fashion identities. Its cold color palette combined with a clean, regular font. Plus, the typeface gives a bold, super recognizable feature to the brand identity. Also, after such an exhaustive typographic work, the brand decided to use it as a cloth pattern.
Moreover, the brand’s photographs include an audacious edit, adding a unique editorial style. Tags and business cards were part of Antonio’s work. In addition, he came up with some clear tote bags for Heba Shaikh; to give it a strong impact, Antonio chose a bold typeface in black.

All in all, we love Heba Shaikh’s identity and find it a great source of inspiration for future projects. And we are fond of its disruptive imprint on a fashion brand.


Credits: Antonio Calvino

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