We all enjoy summer nights as we are light of clothes and makeup. The evening’s warm temperature makes us go out barefaced, as our skin pores are more open. As the best season of the year is coming to an end, we wanted to celebrate it with Bareface’s colorful and vibrant design for its new skincare line. Developed by Jordan Harper, this brand’s identity design is from SDCO Partners.

The studio’s designers had to create Bareface’s brand identity and packaging system. The line received inspiration from the passion for nurturing beautiful skin through high-quality solutions, both restoration and preventive. We should take care of our skin all year long, but even more during summer, as it’s more sun-exposed. Also, once a year, mole control is recommended, especially after summertime. Let’s grow some consciousness about it too!
Back to the design, SDCO Partners designed a bright color palette reminding us of the greenery and unique sunsets. The packaging matte finish is an extra! It definitely upgrades the regular circular box. Plus, the designer’s typographic work is on point. Its modern and balanced composition when intervening the letters A and B.

All in all, Bareface’s result is a fresh and smooth vibe, which we’d love to include in our skincare routine; for sure, we’ve added it to our skincare products wishlist. We’re also happy to create some awareness about skin health by featuring these kinds of products.


Credits: SDCO Partners

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