Fugabella Color

If there’s a color everybody has been talking about these days, that’s sage green. We’ve seen it in graphic compositions, paint, tiles, clothing, and accessories. Mostly every product has been made or tuned in that tone. But hey! We’re not complaining; we love it too. So, today we want to present you a project that features a harmonious pastel color palette that includes sage green. Meet Fugabella project designed by TERZO PIANO SRL

Mesmerized by Terzo Piano’s work with tiles, we love how they perfectly applied color theory in the environments they created. The photographs not only showcase a super aesthetic interior design but a high-end, detailed, and balanced composition. All the chosen products naturally belong to the atmospheres the designers created. Moreover, their contrast is top tier!
A detail that keeps mindblowing us is the color joints from the tile work, simply out of this world. As part of a design community, we know how to square perfect things are displayed, and it’s nothing but pleasure for our sight. 

So, please scroll and enjoy these super aesthetic inside photos 🙂 Would you like to have something similar at home? Because we’d love to brush our teeth at that daydream, pale blue toilet.



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