Fish Fish

Fish Fish was a playful project with nostalgic appeal. The Colour Club created a memorable visual identity that would hook local customers and potential franchisees, whilst celebrating the shops 20-year heritage. A vibrant green-gold colour palette emulated the energy of Australian summer: sandy toes, twilight fishing and chicken-salt sprinkled chips. The watermark was inspired by an aquatic fin sharp, pointed, intriguing reflecting on itself, as a dingys reflection bounces over water. This motif is accompanied by two wave-like patterns, to be used across takeaway packaging, signage, menus and merch. An illustration of a spirited fisherman sets Fish Fish apart donning a singlet, boardies, thongs and award-worthy stache.After observing the cult-like status of Fish Fishs housemade seasoning, we conceptualised Chook Salt, destined for hot chips nationwide. Chook Salt continued the brands recognisable colour palette whilst offering a tip-of-the-bucket hat to its seaside inspiration.



Credits: The Colour Club

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