Finnish Association Of Architects SAFA

Finland is home to a unique architectural heritage. The Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA, is central in upholding and protecting this cultural legacy. SAFA needed a rebrand that pays respect to the associations long history, but also evolves to keep it relevant for today and into the future. At the heart of SAFAs new visual identity are graphic patterns that are an abstract reinterpretation of the original symbol of the Finnish Association of Architects the acanthus leaf designed by the renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The abstract patterns, then, are paying homage to SAFAs long history and heritage while the vibrant colour palette breathes new life into the branding.The visual identity is based on a grid that hints at an architectural blueprint while tying all elements together and creating a cohesive experience. The geometrical Roobert as the primary brand typeface is complemented by Cigars typeface with calligraphic references that together represent both a step forward and a nod to SAFAs history. The simple, effective logotype is combined with brand imagery drawing inspiration from architectonic shapes and the play between materials.

Creative direction and Design: Sofia Pusa,
Photography: Atte Tanner Photography,
Set Design: Jenni Juurinen,


Credits: Sofia Pusa & Others

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