Edify Energy

Ascend Studio successfully launched Edify Energy in 2015, when the commercial solar energy industry was emerging as a viable alternative. Since then, the renewable energy market has been transformed into a global phenomenon. Five years on, Ascend Studio have evolved the brand to reflect a market-leading force for change that responds to further market competition. The new identity is an engaging and consistent, impact- focused narrative that builds upon an established legacy of success.

Ascend Studio’s original identity concept referenced Edison’s most famous invention: the light bulb. This acted as a visual shorthand for energy, invention, innovation and collaboration, as well as referencing the double letter ‘e’. In order to build on the established brand equity they needed to evolve this mark. By developing the form into one which felt more controlled, Ascend Studio have reflected Edify’s transition from youthful disrupter to an established and mature organization. They have also subtly alluded to a heart symbol, in recognition of Edify’s passion for the planet and commitment to communities.

John Cole, Founder of Edify Energy said “Ascend Studio helped to create our brand and have now helped us evolve it. The new visual identity is a significant aspect of our enhanced brand perception as an innovative market-leader. The concept and design reflect their strategy and ethos and delivers it in a dynamic, engaging and energetic way.”


Credits: Ascend Studio

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