Danbury Identity

Essen International designed Danbury Identity. For the past 50 years Danbury have developed advanced optical systems for space and defense missions. Their contribution to US national programs, such as Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory, is unparalleled. In 2020 they separated from Raytheon Technologies, becoming a standalone business for the first time in history.

The designers were contracted to develop a new brand for a company laden with history. The assignment came with several communicational challenges to be tackled. Due to classification, no ongoing projects could be disclosed. This was a real obstacle when, importantly, much sought-after engineers needed to be recruited. Also, the entire brand, including collaterals, had to be launched in just 8 weeks.

They executed the launch right on time, with a new brand, a website, a recruiting video, social media templates, stationary, datasheets and more, developed in just under 8 weeks. Even though their partnership is ongoing, they consider it mission accomplished. So does the team at Danbury.


Credits: Essen International

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