Coffee Bean Direct

Coffee Bean Direct has been an institution in North American homes for twenty years. The pioneer in the online coffee game has now taken on a new logo, visual identity and typography that better represents the whimsical personality of the brand and that of the the people behind it.

What started out as one of the first to sell coffee online in the early 2000s has quickly grown to become an institution that ships coffee all over the United States. Belgian design studio Andre & Leon worked closely with the team at Coffee Bean Direct to bring the brand into a new century. “We started out by digging into the essence of Coffee Bean Direct, and we quickly noticed that the old branding didn’t represent the personality of the people working there or buying from them”, Yanina Suykens of Andre & Leon explains.

“The people at Coffee Bean Direct are so close to their customers that they crack jokes with them. The new look had to include that whimsical and care-free feeling.”

The brand and its customers share an intense love for coffee. They are meticulous about it. Quality is everything. But what really sets Coffee Bean Direct apart from the competitors is their hyper personal approach. “They worked hard to earn a place at the breakfast table”, the Andre & Leon designer says. “So, we wanted to build a brand that you are proud to display there as well.”

A new modular logo ready for all touchpoints

One of the key assets in the rebranding is the logo. The wink represents that first moment of happiness when coffee arrives on your doorstep or when you had your first sip in the morning. It’s a reassurance: there is coffee. It also clearly references the 20 year heritage of the brand. “Which was important to us and Coffee Bean Direct”, Andre & Leon explains.

“Since Coffee Bean Direct was founded, a lot of online coffee retailers have come and gone – more even have changed their essence to fit trends and fads. Coffee Bean Direct have kept true to the essence: great coffee and great service. Something we wanted to highlight will never change.”

Stand-out color, typo and iconography

Another big change the Belgian design studio made was to alter the color scheme. “In the past the colors weren’t ownable. It felt important to us to do something differently”, Art Director Felix De Koker says. “We wanted the brand to feel complete. New colors were needed for that. To make it more now – and to appeal to a very large and young potential target audience they weren’t reaching in the past. With the new colors and typos we bridge two generations. The ones already ordering Coffee Bean Direct and those who are still looking for a favorite coffee brand.



Credits: Andre & Leon

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