California’s Sparkling Water

ByAllMeans designed California’s Sparkling Water, a project that proudly declares: Urban History’s Got Taste!

If you have ever been to California, you must have noticed how strong street culture is over there. It is like jumping into a completely different world of mural art, skate parks, dancers jamming in the streets, 70s vibe rollerbladers carrying boomboxes on their shoulders, surfers with their long sun kissed hair… Ever wondered how come California gets to be so saturated with these ever interesting and edgy characters? California’s Sparkling Waters will open all the secrets for you, you will have to use their illustrated cans as a key 😉

This concept showcases three cans of naturally flavoured sparkling water, each of them represents one character typical for Californian street scene. These characters became a dominant part of culture, they define recognisability of the state. The concept is meant to empower California’s urban culture and create awareness for those who doesn’t understand it and would love to know more about how it became a signature of California.

California’s Sparkling Water introduces not only edgy characters, but edgy flavours as well, according to the type of character. This way California’s Sparkling Water manifests that “Urban Culture’s Got Taste”! It’s a taste of “Surfers’ Sea Salt & Ginger Adventures”, “Rollerbladers’ Orange & Bubbles Boombox Beats” and “Skaters’ Lime & Ice Cubes Curves”. Product line is easily extendable to more cans, edgy flavours and edgy characters to cover Cali’s street culture fully.

Each of the tasty looking illustrated cans has a digital trigger embedded, which can be activated through a mobile device. Just like that every can opens up a thorough documentary study of each type of signature characters of California’s street culture.


Credits: ByAllMeans

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