Tailored specifically for the restaurant industry, CafePay is a robust solution for payroll, financial management, HR, and tax compliance. Designed to seamlessly integrate with fine dining and casual eateries of all sizes, CafePay streamlines payroll administration with its user-friendly features.

Clay’s collaboration with the CafePay team was centered on redefining their brand image and seamlessly translating it onto their marketing platform.

Clay’s journey began with the establishment of core brand elements. A custom serif logotype was crafted to exude a timeless yet sophisticated appeal. Complemented by a bespoke logomark subtly reminiscent of a clock, it reinforces the platform’s association with timetables, charts, and schedules.

To resonate with upscale dining establishments, CafePay’s logo employs a blend of old-style serif and sans-serif fonts, ensuring functionality and a touch of modernity. Using a serif italic typeface highlights keywords and phrases, reflecting CafePay’s dedication to precision and meticulousness.

Clay conceptualized a brand identity system characterized by versatile typography, inviting photography, and a unique color palette. The result is a modern, inviting identity that seamlessly blends the company’s traditional values with its innovative vision. Human-centric photography takes precedence across all brand applications, adding a personal touch.

CafePay’s website captivates users from the moment they land on the hero screen, featuring bold typography, atmospheric imagery, and subtle animations that evoke the perfect dining ambiance.

In addition to showcasing the platform’s capabilities, Clay strongly emphasized CafePay’s people-centric approach. The brand experience reflects its commitment to supporting the restaurant community through friendly imagery and bold typography.

Recognizing the varying needs of fine dining and casual eateries, Clay organized the website content to facilitate easy discovery of different features.

Clay opted for Webflow to design and deploy the fully responsive website, providing a cost-effective solution for the startup.

CafePay merchandise embodies the brand essence, offering a personalized touch that celebrates individuality and fosters genuine connections with restaurant employees.

Clays collaboration with CafePay has resulted in a cohesive brand identity and a user-friendly website that effectively communicates the platform’s offerings to the restaurant industry. By combining timeless aesthetics with modern functionality, Clay has successfully captured CafePay’s mission to support and streamline payroll management for restaurants of all sizes.


Credits: Clay

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