Anza Invest Group Identity

Rafael Maia & Socialkorp designed the identity for ANZA INVEST GROUP which is based in Angola with global operations. Investing in several areas, like mining, import-export, fashion, information technology, gold and diamonds mining, agriculture, aviation, shipping and industries from diverse sectors, the group is constantly expanding, generating employment, income, and contributing to the communities where it operates.

Given the group’s global presence, the brand concept was created seeking to attribute it a universal and timeless aspect, with a logo that could be visually friendly to various writing systems, such as Latin, Cyrillic, Hanzi and Hebrew. The choice to create a dynamic logo, using the visual reading of typography beyond writing, allowed us to explore this cultural plurality to the fullest, allowing many variations of the logo, in several formats, totally connected with the brand purpose.


Credits: Rafael Maia & Socialkorp

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