Ambiguity Photography

Ambiguity is a minimalist photography series by Johnny Kerr, capturing the light and shadows cast in the clean geometric forms of architectural structures.

‘Ambiguity is a study of Antoine Predock’s Nelson Fine Arts Center. The ambiguous forms and shapes of his featurearless stucco façades intrigued me as a designer. I exploited these minimalist characteristics through nonobjective photographic representations, compressing the three-dimensional architectural elements into two-dimensional graphic planes. My pastel color palette is inspired by the building’s southwest geography, and is a challenging departure from my typical monochromatic approach to abstract architecture.
All of the photographs in this set were made in a single day when I devoted myself to a sustained investigation of this building. I spent hours photographing, waiting and observing how the lines, shapes and forms changed as the sun moved from morning to late afternoon, revealing new and exciting relationships and tensions.’


Credits: Johnny Kerr

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