Akord was founded on the idea that we should all have total control of our own data. Our files, photos, and information should forever belong to us not be at the mercy of the cloud or device theyre stored on. Built on top of Arweaves permaweb blockchain, Akord is a protocol for storage and publishing of your most important files.

GoodLove created a brand that speaks to Akords fundamentally optimistic view of the future. A key part of the brand is its focus on the potential creations the community could develop using Akords tools. There is a prominent use of Madlibs to bring to life the idea of our narrative being unfinished without the community and split-screen imagery that shifts between possible futures. The logo reinforces the theme, with its incomplete A. The design system speaks to the creative nature of web3 builders while also eschewing some of the more common web3 trends. The bright colours, the combination of mono and serif fonts, and the choice of imagery all take the brand away from the prevailing dark, overtly tech aesthetic of the category.


Credits: GoodLove

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