Tyrakeion Branding

Beautiful branding for Tyrakeion, a cheese-making business, created by Poua Design in Greece.

Tyrakeion is a family business specialising in the cheese-making since 1950. It is located on the island of Kea, in the area of Atzeritis, where it produces dairy and cheese products in an old, traditional dairy.

Tyrakeion is a compound word which derives from “tyrí” (cheese) and “Keion”, after the name of the island’s inhabitants. The business owner, who is also the family’s newest member, requested that we undertake the marketing and packaging of the dairy’s products.

Based on the cheese-making culture, we drew inspiration from the traditional “kardára”; the large pail used during the milking process. So, the designers used simple lines to illustrate the top of the utensil, thus creating an imposing prestigious logo, rooted in tradition. The studio made sure to balance out the old with the modern in every application.

Poua created black and white sketches inspired by the cheese production process, while we highlighted the company’s assets using yellow and intense typography. The white, black and yellow colours chosen in the packaging makes it look both modern and traditional.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Poulou Antigoni

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