Trivia Period kit Design

The society in which we live invisibilizes menstruation. It still generates misgivings, it is an uncomfortable reality and culturally it continues invoking shame. For this project, Vallivana Gallart´s goal was to prepare the girl who is about to live this, so that she can normalize it, understand it and even enjoy it. Infuse security and even pride. The product must be didactic, practical and aesthetically attractive. It will be a gift that parents or family make to celebrate the holiday of the rule.

As a result, a feminist brand is created, daring, fun and uninhibited. Trivia is provocative and empowering, with a didactic and groundbreaking function to overcome taboos and normalize menstruation. The brand has no fear, speaks clearly, and does not use euphemisms. To build the brand she looked for a female figure in the classical culture that exemplifies those values, and the chosen one is the Greek Artemis. She is rebellious and idealistic, possessing a free and independent spirit. It is the personification of nature through women. It is courageous, competitive, organized and ambitious. Their ideals become the engine of their existence. As a corporate color, red is very important, the color of the blood, the color of the rule.


Credits: Vallivana Gallart

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