Solare Typeface

Solare is the new versatile variable font from the Nikolas Type Foundry.

Five years in the making, Solare incorporates all the expertise, love and dedication of Designer Nikolas Wrobel and Team. Solare is about the beauty of human nature and experience of emotions: I wanted to transcend facets of this complex matter through expressive shapes, reduce them to an essence, making them abstract, tangible and useful for the vision of others. With Solare, we wanted to release a meaningful, modern essential beyond display, but with exactly it’s radiance.

Meticulously blending tradition and nowness, sans and serif in an enchanting and effortless manner, Solare flourished into a hyper usable, spiritually energized font, suitable for wide fields of applications, aspiring to create an irresistible typographic glow.

With signature font styles from fine to black, matching Italics and an alluring, glamorous intense style, entrancing alternates, and an upright Japanese support, Solare is the foundries grandest production yet. The Pinnacle marks the Collection: Owners will enjoy the full Solare experience, lavishly equipped with the variable fonts for seamless shifts and playful animations between all styles and weights, while being pampered by the dreamy, collection exclusive Solare Sunset.


Credits: Nikolas Type

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