Illustration Series: 3D Characters

The Illustration Series is back! And this is our ninth edition. Today we're featuring the highest in quality 3D characters. The three-dimensional style has been part of 2021's trends, commonly seen in websites and app icon design. We are excited about the content we curated for this selection, and we had fun while doing so, as we identified with many situations showcased. However, we couldn't post the complete projects, so we suggest you view the entire illustrations designers have created.

This issue includes a wide variety of styles; some are more geometrical, and others are more organic. Also, we selected one black and white project which shows compelling features about the three-dimensional technique. We are huge fans of the personality of these characters; in particular, we love the bearded guy who is meditating with his coffee and phone in the office, priceless.
PS: there's an adorable surprise at the bottom 😉

16.07 2021

Upcoming new posts hosted on Mindsparkle Mag's ninth Illustration Series edition featuring the last illustration trends, such as UX, 3D, collage, and more.

Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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