Red 5 Studio Rebranding

This rebranding project was completed by Cho Choi Creative from Vietnam for Red 5 Studio, an interior design firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The new visual identity captures Red 5’s definition of beautiful design as emphasizing the relationship between humans, spaces, and activities, rather than superficial decoration. A key aspect is portraying each design project as a story that delivers true experiences of happiness to clients.

The logo incorporates a customized “R” letterform to represent the studio’s unique personality. Graphics and illustrations throughout the branding convey Red 5’s vision of connecting people to well-designed environments. The rebranding successfully establishes Red 5 Studio as a leading storyteller through interior spaces. An accessible website allows clients to feel like they are entering the different stories and worlds that Red 5 creates.


Credits: Cho Choi Creative

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