Pop Music Wisdom

Everything began in a little hut in the jungle in Laos. Outside it had been raining cats and dogs for days. Swiss art director and graphic designer Marcus Kraft was lying on his bed exhausted and listening to music. “I was paying close attention to the lyrics of my favourite songs and realized for the first time how many useful tips were hidden in them”, Kraft remembers. This is when he started taking his first notes, which he supplemented with the favourite music quotes from fellow travellers through Asia.

Back home Marcus Kraft began to paint his notes in his own handwriting on paper. “I have always had a great weakness for typography and handwritten lettering.” In 2012, from this collection of handwritten quotes his first book called “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” resulted, which has become a worldwide bestseller in concept stores, book and museum shops.

From book to brand

Various other publications, exhibitions and cooperations followed. “The project developed a life of its own. I was asked again and again to do collaborations or to make originals or custom-made products. This is why I decided to turn Pop Music Wisdom into a brand with its own web shop,” says Kraft. On PopMusicWisdom.com you can find all the books, various original drawings as well as clothing and accessories.

Ranging from the “Free Your Mind” mug to the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” sweater or the “It’s Now Or Never” smartphone case all the products are suited as a stylish inspiration for music lovers of all genres and ages. Additionally, there are regular, thematically curated playlists.


Credits: Pop Music Wisdom

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