Mandelbrot — 4th anniversary

Hoy hay fiesta! What a better way to start the week celebrating. The occasion? Mandelbrot‘s 4th anniversary. It’s a Mexican independent branding and experience design company working at the intersection of culture, design, and technology. They value their craft, have a deep passion for progression, and exist to solve challenges for brands they trust.

Since the beginning, their mission has been to do great work and have a great time doing it. Designers believe their mission has guided them well. Today, we’re showcasing their way to thank their clients and supporters in a festive way featuring all the best from celebrations. They’ve made notebooks for all the team members, with a personalized strap around, nice touch.
Zero, interactive designer and co-founder of Mandelbrot Studio, though of a superlative balanced graphic composition. His use of color is more than sublime. The color palette is worth saving as future inspiration and triggers to work with new, bold tones when starting a new project. Also, the combination of the shapes, both geometric and organic, shows the sensibility when arranging them.

Congratulations and keep up with your amazing work. Now, let’s celebrate together and enjoy the wonderfulness of Mandelbrot’s thanksgiving project; it’s a friendly and humble gesture from the founders.  Plus, it feels good to see some good these days too. So, what are you waiting to join la fiesta? Scroll down 🙂


Credits: Mandelbrot Studio

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