Mack Weldon’s Silver Identity

Standard Black was asked to create a distinct brand identity for this new collection including visual identity, packaging, brand video, and on-product. The goal was to differentiate it from existing Mack Weldon product and enhance Silver’s technologically advanced attributes.

The logo’s type is taken from the original Mack Weldon logo, thinned and stenciled for a modern, utilitarian feel. The color palette, like the product, is created from dark grays and black.

The combination of black and silver, along with the sleek modern sans serif creates a “smart luxury” feel to the brand identity. The packaging is very minimalistic and the addition of the ink on the substrate in a way that light has to hit so you can read gives a nice touch to the pack, creating a matte-gloss relationship that many luxury brands strive to do with their package. Standard Black has done a really nice job with Mack Weldon’s existing brand, by creating a specific product line and making it feel part of the original brand.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Standard Black

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