labels : Corporate Design

M — N Associates, a Saigon-based design consultancy, designed the branding for labels :, a Vietnamese multi-brand fashion concept offering a unique approach that combines modernity, originality and careful attention to quality, which will bring fashion-lovers together.

‘Our creative strategy is infused with the codes of flawless sophistication, in order to give labels : a sense of being a distinguished leader as well as being a perfect representation of a complex and unique multi-brand environment. It has an appreciation for details and sophistication, class and elegance. It is vital for the project to acknowledge and appreciate the values and aspirations of the target audience in order to capture their serious interest.’

The logomark features a colon mark, which is typically used to precede a list. ‘The concept is opening a new vision following the ‘vision within vision, fashion within fashion’ spirit through the logo and creating a contrast mixing chemistry within the brand.’ Within in the logotype, the ‘mix and match’ spirit is still applied by making the ‘L’ character italic while the rest of the characters remain normal.


Credits: M — N Associates

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