Institute Finlandais Design

New visual identity for the Finnish Cultural Institute in Paris by Piëtke Visser.

The redesign of the Institute visual identity was in part inspired by the structure and colours of the architecture, of the Institute itself. The renowned space designed by Juhani Pallasmaa, on 60, rue des Écoles underwent a complete renovation, including a brand new visual identity. The new identity aims to portray Finnishness that is at once earthy and natural yet sophisticated and timeless. Together with Juho Hiilivirta, Niklas Ekholm, from Helsinki Type Studio, they created a custom typeface conceptually rooted in cultural exchange.

They took the connective role of the institute quite literally by making the letters reach out to each other like in a connected cursive script. The end result is an identity that surprises, with very tactile contrast between the choice of materials, natural recycled paper, glossy brass foil and the delicate yet confident typeface.

Portfolio images are by Sofia Okkonen, from Duotone Helsinki.


Credits: Piëtke Visser

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