Ibsen Fish Restaurant

Sergey Makhno Architects created an authentic Scandinavian restaurant, where even the walls will have a fish-like smell. They had an acute strategy: to make Scandinavia on Mechnikov Street, Kiev. To Nordic elements we added the wabi-sabi – the style we are developing in Ukraine. As a result, the restrained interior with the emphasis put on naturalness. Simplicity and asymmetry are the hallmarks of it. The concept defined the main materials to work: wood (ash), concrete, marble, copper. Wood is a double target hit. First, we like it. Secondly, it is difficult to imagine Scandinavia without wood. Ash panels (veneered) connect a floor with a ceiling. Transitions were wisely planned to zone the space. The client said that he would serve only the “first water” oysters. We solved the problem by the RAW-bar, a semantic point of the ground floor. No aquariums with half-dead fishes.
The fish is good not only for eating, but also for looking at. Food for the eyes – pictures on the walls and closets (like inhabitants of the northern countries dо). Everything says: “delicious!”


Credits: Sergey Makhno Architects

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