Hanalpixan Branding

Branding project for this hand-crafted utensils called Hanalpixan by Kimbal Studio and Alejandro Macias, in Mexico.

The “Dia De Muertos” celebration is one of the most complex traditions in Mexico being the result of the profound religious syncretism that combines pre hispanic and catholic beliefs; In the Yucatan state it has a particular version called: “Hanal Pixan”, a mayan combination of words that mean “Food of the souls”, during these dates are placed on altars earthen vessels to contain the food, as well as traditional wooden utensils being predominant the chocolate beater.
The “Bok’obxut’en” as it is known in the mayan language is made of solid wood by artisan hands inherited from ancient beliefs and such instrument hasn’t changed in terms of design for over 100 years.
This collection combines the concepts of “soul food”, reinterpreting with a contemporary design that fives a more pure wat to each one of the objects used in this ritual, respecting the traditional process of production and adding the laser engraving technique.
This ribbon has its own traditional style inspiration from traditional embroidery cross stitch “Xocbichuy” an iconic element from the Yucatan culture, designed with traditional flowers of the altar.
The HANAL PIXAN series achieves an amalgamation between contemporary Mexican design with pottery and woodturning; activities that represent the profound influences of the mayan cosmology and are made by artisan hands that materialise the cultural legacy and reflect the beliefs of its people leading to unique objects that allow this tradition to continue with life.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Kimbal Studio and Alejandro Macias

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