Grow Deal

Nowadays, the importance of green spaces at home has become a new essential. Greenery makes indoor spaces more lively and fresh. So, for today’s design post, we are traveling to France. Grow Deal is the first vertical farm in Toulouse, located in the heart of the city’s Marché d’Intérêt National. And the creative minds behind its visual identity are from Brand Brothers studio. 

Grow Deal is the first indoor vertical farm in France to grow directly on-site and also runs a second farm in the basement and on the roof of a Toulouse supermarket. It grows mushrooms, rare herbs, edible flowers, and micro-vegetables under the Horizon Vertical brand; delivered the day of harvest and all year round in a strict growing environment.
Brand Brothers worked with Grow Deal’s founder to completely redesign its visual identity. The studio went for a bold, graphic, and typographic system out of the usual codes of the food and vegetal sectors. The typogram, designed in the studio, uses a strictly geometric structure and curves that form outgrowths, reminding the budding of plants. On this basis, a system of shapes enriches visual grammar. Plus, it shapes the backbone of the graphic applications, which are deployed in environments as varied as monochrome labels, textiles, or social networks. 

We love Brand Brothers’ non-traditional aesthetic for Grow Deal’s branding, going 100% bold and distinctive with a floral hint. Its rhythmic style The way designers make the identity pop is incredible. Also, the color combinations are not very frequent ones, and we’re fascinated 😉


Credits: Brand Brothers

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