Bagel and Fox

Bagel and Fox is a coffee house in Nørrebro. Its name comes from the bagel and lox with a fun twist. Also, the place offers a variety of hand-roasted single-origin and specialty coffee blends. Plus, it offers pastries, bagels, and an all-day breakfast. The brand’s target audience is people who prefer quality and fresh coffee, freelancers who work in cafes, and people who have got takeaway coffee on the way to work in the morning. The visual identity design comes from Ceren Burcu Turkan‘s creative mind.

For the face of the brand, Ceren created a fox walking with coffee in hand, inspired by the people who takeaway coffee on the way to work. They preferred a sans serif font paired with a monospace font to create a modern brand in the typography system. B & F’s monograms were created with the letter ø to tie the design to Nørrebro. Choose a blazing red for the icon color inspired by the red fox.

On the packaging, Ceren created six hand-drawn illustrations inspired by Matisse’s linocut prints that can create a visual difference on each package. Used the B+F monogram design on safety stickers and loyalty card stamps.


Credits: Ceren Burcu Turkan

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