FOMU – Museum Of Photography

Mutant™ continues to energize the Flemish cultural landscape with a bold rebranding for Antwerp’s iconic Museum of Photography FOMU. The focal point of the new visual identity is the striking, sheared logotype that immediately challenges the viewer to question traditional vantage points. Further dissection reveals various additional layers of meaning: a broadening horizon, a razor-sharp focus, or a rotating compass… But what the pronounced angles and inclination convey above all are bold new angles and refreshing perspectives .

This latter aspect, in particular, serves as the guiding thread of the new brand manifesto developed in collaboration with Mutant. With “Sharing Perspectives” , FOMU emphasizes how it presents itself as a museum: An inclusive communal space where visitors are invited to broaden their understanding of visual culture. A place where the hardcore culture connoisseur, as well as casual passers-by, young and old, can pause and slow down, with exhibitions that encourage not only reflection but also expression.

Explicitly briefed to set apart the FOMU brand from those of its peer institutions, the agency deliberately eschewed visual references to viewfinders, lenses and other technical aspects of photography. In fact, the logo reveal animation starts off with a symbolic “breaking of the lens” to make way for a new vision with a less literal approach. Through dynamic motion design, the brand also positions itself prominently as a curious curator who knows how to navigate Gen Z through today’s complex visual culture.

In campaign communication, the graphic elements of the visual identity resolutely yet respectfully engage with the photographic image instead of conservatively tip-toeing around it. Perhaps surprisingly, this assertive approach was much applauded by the exhibiting artists, who greatly appreciated the resulting dialogue between their work and the museum brand. A subdued color palette allows for sensitivity and nuance in contrast with the bold expressive shapes, and was further rolled-out throughout the museum interior.


Credits: Mutant™

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