Flowstate Branding

Beautiful brand identity project done by Pop & Pac Studio in Melbourne for Flowstate, an experience and showcasing place located in South Bank.

From the client: Flowstate resides in the space in-between; a place where creative collisions are made and seen. It is the state of the unexpected. Our Story Flowstaterevitalizedalised location in the heart of South Bank. We offer it up to our community as an inspiring place of beauty and respite; a well-spring of fresh experiences and sweet diversions. Somewhere entirely different to anything modern South Bank has ever been, a symbol of the potential to come. Locals and visitors are invited to relax, to eat, to collaborate with some of Queensland’s most compelling artists, to witness new performance work in development, engage in workshops, listen to fascinating discussions and cool beats – while communing with stylish, contemporary design. The original structures still cheekily traversed by possums have been integrated more seamlessly into the site with materials that sing of nature and surfaces for sinking into – grass, climbing rope, soft fall.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Pop & Pac

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