Daphne Wilde

Outline designed the branding for Daphne Wilde. The inspiration behind Daphne Wilde was of a modern, sophisticated, unpretentious woman. The product itself, a housedress, is highly practical – so Outline’s design approach countered the conventional by pulling in delicate details, vivid patterns and elements of surprise.

For the logo, the brand’s initials were hidden in a woman’s portrait while the wordmark typography is sharp, substantial and balanced. The color palette is classic yet bold, playing with contrasts that pop.

To introduce the e-commerce brand before its official launch, Outline created a tabloid-style printed lookbook. Once launched, the brand’s website welcomed shoppers with saturated colorblocking and oversized imagery. Gold foil and a custom patterned wrapping paper compliment the customer’s unboxing experience, completing the brand aesthetic.


Credits: Outline

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