Danh Hien Jewelers

Bratus developed a new logo and brand identity to make Danh hien Jewelers stand out and show the aspects of luxury and modernity as well as tradition, uniqueness, and their attention to detail. The agency got the main inspiration from a diamond. The image of a diamond is rather popular in jewelry brands. Therefore, the big challenge that had to be faced was making an exceptionally creative and unique brand mark. Their direction for approach is the combination of the main letters in the brand name, the top view of the diamond and the Celtic art to make the geometric signature. Bratus chose a serif typeface as it represents the aesthetics and fashion industry. The color palette is selected to show the charm, the femininity. The supplementary colors have been carefully chosen to go harmonious for flexibility usage. The stationery consists of a plain-colored paper, foil embossing, printed edges and was handcrafted. The business cards are printed on double thick paper in black and light pink, with printed edges, embossed logos and foil embossing.


Credits: Bratus

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