The Co Spaces, positioned by General Condition,  is the ultimate destination for individuals and businesses seeking flexible and dynamic co-working solutions. Boasting prime locations in Dubai and London, Co-Spaces was the first co-working space and business incubator approved by Dubai SME, offering unmatched opportunities for growth and development.

To create a unique and memorable brand identity, Co – Spaces underwent a careful design process. The brand’s visual identity was created to capture its essence in a modern and professional aesthetic. The design involved careful consideration of typography, color, and imagery to communicate the brand’s values and personality.

The resulting visual identity is a cohesive and recognizable presence for The Co – Spaces. With vibrant orange, clean lines, and modern typography, the brand’s visual identity provides a bold and energetic yet refined look. The hidden letters “C” and “O” in the symbol add a subtle yet clever touch, representing the brand’s name and establishing it as a leader in the coworking industry. Overall, The Co – Spaces’ visual identity embodies its core values of innovation, collaboration, and creativity, providing a strong foundation for its success.


Credits: [Studio] General Condition

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