Aren´t you brunch´s N#1 fan? If you enjoy going for a run, love scrambled eggs and parfaits, and find yourself someday in the city of love; you should continue reading. Brunning offers a new healthy and social concept. The formula is easy; once a week, the idea is to get together with friends to run a circuit in Paris and meet at each other’s homes for brunch. And Anaïs Bonder is the creative mind behind its visual identity.

The Young Parisian association created Brunning, a concept that combines running and gourmet pleasures. Brunning targets regular or Sunday joggers in search of friendliness and a good mood. Here is a new way of exercising and making the most of it: SHAKE IT BAKE IT REPEAT is this group´s mantras. And we are feeling comfortable about that routine.
The logo aims to reinterpret both the impulse of a stride and the deliciousness of a hearty brunch. Anaïs Bonder´s creative team decided to create a geometrical typographic design with the letter R as a monogram. Also, they created a pattern of a group of runners to humanize the identity. And designers developed Brunning’s Circuits based on the typographic design to give a light spirit to the visual universe.

We´re excited about this branding project not only for its proposal but for its dynamic design. This work´s adaptability is just stunning; we love the t-shirts Anaïs and her team created. Overall, Brunning´s visual identity took tons of work, and we´re happy to showcase its incredible result. Now, we feel motivated enough to go jogging next Sunday, only because of the brunch we´re getting after 😉


Credits: Anaïs Bonder

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