Black Influence

Black Influence is the leading agency in Latin America specializing in black influencers and creators. The brand’s rebranding was developed with care and dedication by Studio Tempo design studio.

The logo, created specifically for the brand, is a reflection of Studio Tempo’s pursuit of authenticity and representation. They carefully crafted each glyph of the word BLACK to create a proprietary brand. The diverse color palette represents the multifaceted territory of Black Influence, while establishing strict combination rules to ensure brand recognition. Additionally, we play with shapes that serve as frames for images, adding a layer of visual interest to communication materials.

The choice of Fann Grotesque typography reflects our aim for refinement and elegance in brand communications. This typography brings a unique sophistication, perfectly complementing the visual ensemble of Black Influence.

During Studio Tempo’s research, they were deeply inspired by the decolonial design movement in Africa. Studio Tempo retrieved and explored traditional African symbols and patterns, such as Adinkra symbols originating from the Akan people in Ghana and Ivory Coast, which were highly relevant in guiding the project.

The result is a project that celebrates the valuable contributions and achievements of the ancestors of the African diaspora, highlighting the profound importance of their heritage. By awakening this awareness, the brand acquires the ability to reclaim and value the richness of cultural diversity, traditional knowledge, and values that will serve as a guide in its decisions and initiatives, in complete harmony with its core principles.


Credits: Studio Tempo

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