Ariccia Branding

Today, we’re taking you to gorgeous Italy, particularly to the city of Ariccia, located some kilometers away from the south of Rome. We’re showcasing a restaurant and the jazz lounge called Ariccia. Can you imagine listening to the background music from the streets before entering the place? God, we miss those good vibes. However, SDCO Partners managed to bring them back to life.

A reimagined the identity, story, and environment for an authentic Italian trattoria and jazz lounge. Custom letterforms reflect the brand’s Italian roots and a nod to vintage Italian design. Plus, it features clean lines and soft corners that add a contemporary touch. A well-known fountain in the city of Ariccia was the main inspiration for the submarket icon. The iconic source of water celebrates the enduring connection between the Italian and American campuses and their people.
The flexible, fully realized identity systems come vibrantly to life in varied formats, from cocktail napkins and coasters to menus, interior and exterior signage, and an Ariccia-branded Vespa. Because what’s more characteristic of Italian design than a Vespa? The goal was to bring the warmth, beauty, music, and taste of Italy to its grateful second home.

We’re excited to see some traditional resources and their adaptation to actual designs. And even more, if they come from our dearest Italy.


Credits: SDCO Partners

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