Anecdote Candles Design

Anecdote Candles is a California based candle company, with a focus on all-natural coconut-soy wax candles. The brands mission is to create meaning conversations around fragrances that remind people of very specific memories.

They came to Nice people (the design studio behind this branding) with an existing brand, but a need to elevate the design and add personality. Luckily for us, each fragrance already came with a playful anecdote or sentimental story. Their solution was to bring these website descriptions onto the labels to give them the personality they needed. The hierarchy of these lines now gives weight to the name of the brand. With subtle warm tones, nuanced type, and an organized design, everything fell into place. The labels are letter-pressed to add a tactile nature to the product that’s best experienced in-person. It’s too bad these fragrances can’t be shared digitally because their corresponding anecdotes are spot on!


Credits: Nice People

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