Vima cafe branding

Conceptual ways of serving up a good cup of coffee have been around for about as long as cafes have, but the idea of tasting a good one while assisting to a morning concert is a novelty. Chicago based enterpreneur Jesse Wisley commissioned Me branding studio to develop a brand Identity system for VIMA, a new concept café’ that combines the art of coffee with live music performance. Inspired by the brand culture we developed an identity system to reflect its innovative positioning and philosophy. The logo Me studio created is based on the shapes of the letter V and the abstraction of a cup of coffe and a musical score. A simple and recognizable visual element that changes facet depending on whether it is used for the the VIMA music or coffe brand. The result is a powerful visual identity that tranlsates the concept of “Café culture” into the modern urban context.

Written by:
Me studio


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