STATUS Audio minimalist headphones

Status Audio , found in 2014 Brooklyn – NY, produces high quality minimalist audio products. They believe that subtractive, timeless design inspires a better and more open-minded listening experience. 

Recently, Status Audio underwent a rebranding, led by R&Co Design – the web/mobile experience, identity, art direction and packaging were overhauled to a reflect a commitment to their core values: simplicity and utilitarianism. 

The 3 products featured are: BT One – On-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – for portable audiophile enjoyment (colors: JetBlack and Umber); BT Transfer – In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earphones – for everyday + commuting (colors: Midnight and Gunmetal); and BT Structure – In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Earphones – for sports, fitness, high intensity activity (colors: Storm and Midnight).


Credits: R&Co Design

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