Seed Change

Ascend Studio designed the visual campaign for Seed Change – a platform designed to enable doctors and their patients to consider cannabis as part of a holistic treatment plan, by delivering advice and guidance on medical applications and bringing an evidence-based approach to medical cannabis in the UK. Their Discovery project stage quickly clarified that the core brand purpose is not only about effectiveness but more to do with dispelling the current stigma.

Ascend Studio created the new name ‘Seed Change’ to represent a paradigm shift in thinking – from negative impact drug to a positive impact treatment option. The campaign includes brand strategy, positioning and proposition, identity design, collateral and a starter website.

The design solution is brave, positive and unapologetic – deliberately acknowledging preconceived notions of the drug. The identity presents a clean aesthetic, vibrant modern colour palette and bold typography. The result is a powerful campaign focused brand that delivers a robust balance of credibility, authenticity and creative energy.


Credits: Ascend Studio

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