Recharger Unwind

Can you recall a better feel when invited to an event or plan by your friend’s parents? Because in retrospective to those moments, we remembered how earnest and friendly they were. Those same feelings come back with Recharger​​​​​​​ Unwind visual identity designed by Caserne. What’s unique about this display is its link to digital artworks. 

Located in Montreal, Recharger Unwind was a mesmerizing exhibition held at Palais des congrès that featured ten works by some of the world’s most notable digital artists. Caserne developed the visual identity using a warm palette following 2021’s most popular trend, color gradients! And nothing says more ‘digitalized world’ than this technique. Luckily, the printing industry rapidly improved its technology, so we can now witness sleek color transitions on paper.
For the main animation, they created kind of three bodies that smoothly go around each other. Colors and textures evoke the sensitive aspects of the generative artworks while maintaining a sense of structure through a rigid grid to display information. The designers customized the typeface to unite these polarities. The type variations are super subtle and got a modern imprint.

All in all, we’re excited about the warm approach Recharger Unwind innovative exhibition. Designers’ work is also impeccable as they applied all their knowledge and tool from the digital world to create this branding. We hope their visuals remind you of this warm-felt invitation we mentioned at the beginning.  

Additional credits
Photography: François Ollivier
Motion : Félix Arsenault 


Credits: Caserne

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