Rathmines House

Set within the historic and exciting inner South Dublin, and with an innovative living offer balancing community and individual freedom, Rathmines house needed a confident brand to establish it as Dublins new residency. To Develop Rathmines Houses proposition, Rowdy Studio needed to understand the vision behind it, and the living offer that would be provided for residents.

In contrast to many offerings with broadly similar models, Rathmines House was developed with the intention of offering a true balance between the private and the communal with larger rooms and generous amenity spaces. Rowdy Studio’s exploration led them to the positioning of Dublins new residency evoking a place that reflects and celebrates the environment around it, and welcomes the resident into the space, to make it their new home.

Working with the new positioning, Rowdy Studio looked to develop Rathmines Houses messaging to convey the offer to its chosen audiences, typically skewing towards younger professionals looking for convenience, community and excitement. In addition, they curated a series of opportunities for the positioning to come to life through service propositions, amenity uses and digital experiences.

When creating the visual identity for Rathmines House, Rowdy Studio drew their inspiration from the forms and details of Rathmines, expressing and celebrating both the personality of the area, and the collective of individuals living at Rathmines House. Using a palette drawn from the colourful doors of Rathmines, they allowed the lettering to stretch to fit containers, arc over messages and images, and follow wandering paths, creating a sense of a place in tune with its surroundings and encouraging of playful exploration.


Credits: Rowdy Studio

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