Poppa branding

Poppa is a Brazilian music duo based in London, consisting of @arthurpetrillo and @geofreitas. The songs are co-produced and co-arranged by Billy Mello. 

The first EP will be released on 26th of May on the streaming services. Poppa stands for craft at all levels and the branding work advocates for its meaningfulness. To adapt to all the different types of content, the designers have explored several different applications — horizontal, vertical, reduced, and even a musical score representation. Poppa adapts. The brand is fluid, so it can move in real-time, understand the tempo, different genres, and be flexible according to the media.

Posters and music communications have always been great allies. Designers have explored many ways of representing it, using the branding’s essential graphic elements — such as the “O,” typography, scores, and lyrics. They also found ways of incorporating photography. The photos used on Poppa’s branding comes from the fantastic work of their friend Anderson Leite.


Credits: Arthur Petrillo & Geo Freitas

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