Pave Branding

Choosing what to do for the rest of your life, it’s a big deal. And like it, even more! But that’s what grownups used to tell us when children. Now, we know there is plenty to do and fulfill your hobbies and perhaps become entrepreneurship. Also, we know it’s okay to change the strategy if you’re not happy. Pave is a new platform helping people align their passion and purpose to find careers that they love. And Studio Mast brought its visual identity alive.

Lisha Davis, Pave’s founder, saw the fact of changing careers first-hand and strove to create a better way to help people align their passions and purpose into meaningful ones. A company that believes finding meaning and fit are essential to career satisfaction. Lisha approached Mast worked closely together to develop a brand and subsequent digital experience. The result? An inspiring, motivating, and encouraging brand that embodies its mission.

When developing the color palette and visual system, designers wanted to create something fresh, innovative, and trustworthy overall —encapsulating the spirit of Pave’s mission. Ultimately resulting in a look and feel that balances maturity, sophistication, and modernity with technology and innovation. The system perfectly adapts the physical and digital expressions of the brand.
When developing the symbol, creatives wanted to capture the spirit of the movement, change, upward mobility, and the notion is that there are many different paths to take. And they nailed it!
When selecting the typographic system, it was essential to create a balance between stability and personality. The brand seeks to represent each of us using a mighty base typeface and an expressive secondary type.

All in all, everything Studio Mast has done expresses clearly the company’s mission. Plus, the overall aesthetic has an influential character and a stable feeling.


Credits: Studio Mast

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