73% of people who feel good at home are happy in life.

In the last twelve months, we’ve stayed home more than we’ve ever been. This obligation, or almost, has increased tenfold the need to transform our interior into a protective cocoon.

Just like an inspiring soundtrack, the comfort of an armchair, or the adjustment of light, perfume contributes to a state of well-being. People feel more and more the need to create their olfactory universe, reassuring.

The house is a building in our image; it is a reflection of ourselves, a place where we feel at ease, where we let go. Also, the last few months have shown us how important it is to take a break take a breath and let go. Like a long walk in the forest. Regular breaks improve productivity and well-being. That’s why Laurine Prunier decided to create Pause, a brand for yourself and your home.

Pause reminds us that sometimes it’s good to make one. Current times have shown us how useful it is to slow down, to go back to basics, and from time to time, to stop and breathe better. These are soaps, candles, and ambient oils for the home, body care, and perfumes. They are not extremely elaborate treatments by the greatest scientists, but natural treatments without superfluous products, where the different natural scents create their perfume. We like to have these products around the fire on Sunday afternoon, returning from this long sunny walk in the forest. It’s a sober identity, in line with the brand’s universe.

Copywriting: Laurine Prunier


Credits: Laurine Prunier

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