Nachtkantoor x Raya Recordings Event

Raya Recordings and Nachtkantoor’s collaboration for the “Constructive Waves” club night at Spacebar in Enschede, the Netherlands, was a celebration of community, collaboration, and the love for music and sound. The visual identity, by Sylvan Hillebrand, for the event was inspired by constructive wave interference, a phenomenon that occurs when two waves intersect, resulting in a stronger and more significant wave. This concept was chosen as the central idea for the event’s identity, symbolizing the collaborative nature of the event where two forces, Nachtkantoor and Raya Recordings, came together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

The approach to creating the visual identity was to develop a cohesive yet visually distinctive design that reflects the individual visual styles of each organization while incorporating elements of constructive waves. The execution of the identity involved a combination of digital and analogue techniques. Starting with a distorted version of simulated waves, dynamic and vibrant patterns were created using frame-by-frame animation and analogue processes. These patterns were then used across various mediums, such as posters, t-shirts, and social media, to create a visually cohesive identity that reflected the collaborative and community-focused nature of the event.

The visual identity for “Constructive Waves” represents the merging, mixing, and exploring of new territories in the world of music and sound. It embodies the spirit of collaboration and showcases rising stars and DJs curating sounds from diverse backgrounds, promoting the importance of community and collaboration in underrepresented music scenes. The analogue process of creation added a tangible, hands-on aspect to the identity, reflecting the event’s commitment to authenticity and the coming together of various styles and sounds to create something entirely new and unique.


Credits: Sylvan Hillebrand

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