Jackalope Hotels Branding

Fabio Ongarato Design created the visual identity for Jackalope Hotels, an award-winning luxury hotel situated in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. The hotel’s branding is tied in with its interior design, inspired by a creative narrative of ‘alchemy’. The theme stands as a metaphor for winemaking, which forms a core part of the hotel business given its vineyard surroundings, and is expressed in hybrid qualities such as its namesake ‘jackalope’ (a mythical jack rabbit and antelope hybrid). This concept of hybridisation is prevalent throughout the hotel’s identity, playing with juxtapositions such as modern and traditional, and simple and detailed. Fabio Ongarato Design maintains continuity with this theme in the contemporary branding with various visual contrasts, such as the pairing of an organic blown-ink image of a rabbit with clean geometric typography. The result is a visually stunning and strongly individualist identity that exudes a sense of high-end luxury without compromising on creativity.


Credits: Fabio Ongarato Design

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