The Broadview Hotel Branding

Toronto-based studio Blok Design worked with The Broadview Hotel to create a contemporary visual identity for the historic building. The Broadview, a grand architectural landmark with a colourful past had been meticulously restored as a luxury boutique hotel. Blok’s branding work – which can be found across the hotel’s signage, wayfinding, business cards, menus as well as in-room items – embraces the hotel’s place in the 21st century with a contemporary, trendy aesthetic while not losing evidence of its grittier East End roots.

This can be seen in its largely monochrome colour palette, combined with a mix of deep green and silvery grey accents. As well as lending a classic aesthetic, this pays homage to its long history in the metropolis and also balances well with the hotel’s more colourful interiors. While Blok keeps the colour scheme minimal, a variety of bold typefaces are spread across the branding in creative compositions, reflecting the hotel’s eclectic individual room designs.


Credits: Blok Design

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