I CAN SPICE Packaging Design

Hunagarian DekoRatio Design Studio and designer Szani Mészáros designed the packaging and branding for I Can Spice, who offers premium spices from around the world as well as special mixes for spicing coffee or beer. Their goal is to encourage people to be more experimental and playfuli in the kitchen, using and mixing spices in a more curious way.
Given their wide variety, the spices were organised into specific categories (herbs, general spices, flowers, Indian spices etc), each with its own design. The categories were matched with fitting colours and different illustrations and graphics for each. DekoRatio Studio’s aim was to create a playful and detailed pattern depicting plants and typical features of each category, in the hope of inspiring people to use spices in a more courageous way.


Credits: DekoRatio Design and Szani Mészáros

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