Lula branding & packaging

Back with skincare brands, today, we’re showcasing a branding and packaging design by LMNOP studio. Based in Los Angeles, Lula is a skincare brand, conscientious about its —not clinical— ingredients and processes for their products formulated with effective botanicals with a purpose.

The founders of Lula set out to create a brand that connected with a woman who was down-to-earth but prioritized herself. With this luxurious, clean and beautiful brand development, LMNOP crafted a narrative and visual identity carried in every expression, both physical and digital. Plus, the studio was in charge of Lula’s art direction and copywriting. As a skincare brand, it’s always good to include actual skin and faces, primarily for social media campaigns.
LMNOP’s designers came up with a glowing visual identity featuring beautiful fonts and a warm, calm color palette. We love the combination of regular serif with italics for the wordmark, as it adds a unique feature to the brand’s identity. 

All in all, we’re enchanted by Lula’s warm and friendly feel. Its high-quality packaging and unboxing are super cool, and the fresh art direction style is another high point. Have you taken care of your skin today? If not, this is our friendly reminder to do so. 

Additional credits
Benjo Arwas
Jeff Harris Studio
Zach & Buj


Credits: LMNOP

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